we are brand producers

Ateliersavant is a global creative think-tank specializing in Strategy & Design.  We offer a uniquely fluid approach to building brands with executive teams from Fortune 500 corporations, large and mid-sized companies, small businesses, startups and inventors.     

Very often both new and existing brands lack a compelling, engaging message and demonstrate a limited vision about the road ahead.  Or, worse yet, it fails to fully understand the process of creating market-ready products, services and experiences.  

We believe that understanding the entire scope of a brand's activities, both internally and externally, is the most effective way to build a brand into a category leader.  Accordingly, we have developed an comprehensive approach that considers each client's business model, brand and goals as well as existing and projected resources.  We call this 'Holistic Brand Production'.

Ateliersavant's work creates focused, dynamic, disruptive brands attenuated to suit their respective markets.  This is achieved by fostering and reinforcing an authentic, multi-dimensional, and meaningful connection between a brand and its audience.



The first aspect of every project we handle, our team of strategists work on any macro to micro analysis of your organization from a business model & financial stand point to the development of your brand personality & market positioning, distribution as well as communication, advertisement & social media strategies.


Our creative team is composed from design specialists in virtually all product categories as well as Interactive mediums and have an experience ranging from Jewelry & Haute Joaillerie industry to Soft-Goods & Hardware, Timepieces, Apparel, Actions Sport Goods, Furniture & Lighting, Eyewear, Medical, Aeronautics, Aerospace, Marine, Defense, Motor Sports, Wearables, Luxury Goods  etc.


Photo & Video production
3D still renderings & animations
Graphic Design & PAO
Original Music Production
Social Media Management
Event Production



In-house resources to handle several engineering phases to rapid prototyping.


Ateliersavant has a worldwide network of factories and suppliers for nearly all product categories as well as in-house manufacturing capabilities for various product categories such as Jewelry, Soft-Goods & Hardware, Timepieces, Apparel, Furniture & Lighting, Eyewear, Mechanical Part & Industrial Machinery,